Dr. Dan Riskin is the host of the Animal Planet show about parasitic infections, Monsters Inside Me, and he also hosts a nightly science show broadcast in Canada, The Daily Planet.  Dr. Riskin studied vampire bats while earning his Ph.D., and to this day is still bat crazy. His career promoting science for general audiences and his entertaining and enthusiastic personality have led him to be a guest on various late night talk shows, and he is the author of the book “Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You”.

Dr. Riskin joined this podcast remotely from his home in Canada, and therefore the audio quality is a little scratchy.  However, his discussion of topics ranging from his bot fly infection to bats that share their armpit sweat (and other things), and touching on the need to stimulate interest in science, will make you want to keep listening!

Discussants (in alphabetical order):
Dr. Karl Klose (Professor and director of STCEID, UTSA)
Dr. Janakiram Seshu (Associate professor, STCEID,  UTSA)
Dr. Floyd Wormley (Professor, STCEID, UTSA)